Peachy Pink: Shapewear for youthful looking skin

shapewearThe latest addition to the shapewear market is Peachy Pink, a British clothing label claiming to promote youthful looking skin using nanotechnology.

As we know all too well, as we age so does our skin. But this new range of shapewear uses new technology to add constant moisture to our skin to help banish that tired, greying look.

So how does it work? Peachy Pink uses an exclusive fibre called Nylgold for its new range of shapewear, which contains 24 carat gold nano-particles encased in hyaluronic acid molecules (a powerful moisturiser that occurs naturally in the skin but decreases as we age). As these molecules come into contact with the skin, they can reduce the appearance of ageing by keeping cells plump and youthful.

The company claims that the shapewear is more effective than topical moisturisers because the nano-particals act as super conductors to speed up the rate in which your skin absorbs the moisturise.

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