Current crush: Lucile London

lucile-square-ss13Another luxury favourite of the Fashion Bust team is the ever-so elegant but cute lingerie brand Lucile, which is inspired by the fashion house founded over 100 years ago by Lady Duff Gordon and recently reinvented by her great-great-granddaughter Camilla Blois.

Lucile made its name with ‘scandalous’ lingerie that was free from clinging corsets and wired underskirts and quickly became popular with royalty, nobility, and film stars who visited Lucile’s famous boutiques in London, New York, Paris and Chicago.

One hundred years later and the brand is still celebrating the female form with draping fabrics as well as its beautiful line of soft cup bras and underwired silk bras, all lined with beautiful lace. In fact, it makes us want to sweep graciously around our homes in just our beautiful smalls, no matter how cold the weather.

Another reason we love this brand is because every item is hand made in England. It’s trimmed with signature bows, luxurious laces and silks, and each bra is put through a vigorous fit process. But you’re paying for the luxury, as a pair of knickers will set you back around £50, a bra around £100 and the beautiful gowns go up to £500.

The spring/summer collections are called Shortness of Time and Sweetness of Love. Visit to buy.

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