New book explains just how a bra is made

Anatomy of a Bra by Laurie van Jonsson

Anatomy of a Bra by Laurie van Jonsson

If you love underwear, then at some point or another you’ve probably been curious about just how a bra is made. After all, it’s a complex garment that involves lots of different essential components. Well, a new book has been published that is designed to demystify the bra from its many different shapes to how bra size is determined.

The Anatomy of a Bra is the second book from lingerie designer turned writer Laurie van Jonsson, who has also penned How to become a lingerie designer. It is aimed at both lingerie professionals and amateur enthusiasts, and deconstructs the bra into its separate elements and builds it back up again to explain its technicalities and functionalities.

Should this knowledge inspire you to become a designer yourself, Laurie has also included information about where and how to buy the materials and components required for making a bra. There are also interviews with established lingerie designers who talk about the most challenging aspects of bra design.

The Anatomy of the Bra is available to buy on Amazon as an e-book for £5.12, and a hard copy version will be available shortly.

Laurie van Jonsson has been designing lingerie and swimwear for 13 years, including launching her own bran Vanjo catering for small backs and big cups. She was inspired to write her first book How to become a lingerie designer after receiving lots of requests for help from people looking to set up their own brands. She is currently studying for a Masters in Fashion.

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