Handy summer accessories to solve your wardrobe dilemmas

Bikini Swim Pads, £18.50

Bikini Swim Pads, £18.50

Ever wished you could hide your bra straps for a racerback top or found yourself missing a bit of padding in your bikini? Well, help is at hand, thanks to fashion accessories and shapewear brand Magic Body Fashion.

Magic Body Fashions is a bit of a secret weapon of the Fashion Bust team. The brand has a huge range of accessories designed to help you enhance, hide or slim, depending on your outfit, with solutions for everything from plunging necklines to backless dresses, smoothing and shaping, or giving you a bit of a boost.

The Magic Clip (£3.50) is great for summer tops, allowing you to pull in your bra straps at the back or front and stop them spoiling a perfect outfit, and there are any number of bra solutions for low cut, backless or strapless dresses. Best sellers include the adhesive Eve’s Bra, £24, for bare shoulders and back, and the Wing Bra, £32, which has the additional support of side wings.

There’s also dress tape and shirt closure tabs to ensure your clothes stay in place, all manner of shaping garments and even adhesive bottom pads, should you want to give your derrière a helping hand.

But the other great thing about the Magic Body Fashion range, for those with smaller busts, is the brand’s range of discreet silicone and fabric gel filled cleavage-boosting inserts, including some designed especially for the beach.

Try the adhesive, waterproof Bikini Swim Pads or the Swim Push Ups, both £18.50, or the Bikini Push Ups, £8, all designed to be suitable for both the sea and the pool. You can even wear them with your skimpy triangle tops. Just rinse them out and let them dry, and you’re ready to wear them again. Perfect for summer confidence!

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