Create your personalised fashion boutique with Styloko

Styloko Fashion Bust boutique

Fashion Bust’s Styloko boutique

If you’ve ever wished for a shop where everything was stocked just for you, then you’re going to love the relaunched

The social shopping site is all about allowing users to curate their own personal virtual boutiques, filling them with all the fashions and accessories they would love to own. Created to enable people to find the brands and products they love quickly, is a new online shopping experience that is both fun and convenient – and dangerous to bank accounts everywhere.

The principle is based on a combination of visual bookmarking and ‘discovery commerce’. Sign up and you can add products to your boutique directly from Styloko’s site, which includes nearly 700,000 products from UK retailers, or you can add a button int your browser and add products to your boutique as you browse the web, much like Pinterest’s bookmarklet.

What makes Styloko different, however, is the software’s ability to distinguish between products that are available to buy and those that aren’t, which means your boutique will only be filled with things you can actually buy – if you can afford them, that is, as you’ll inevitably start populating your ‘lust list’!

All the social network features are there too. You can share your boutique, follow other users with similar tastes or your favourite brands, comment on items and shop from other boutiques. But the best bit? Whenever an item in your boutique goes on sale, you’ll be notified by email. It’s worth signing up for this feature alone.

But, we warn you, it’s addictive! We’ve already signed up and had great fun curating our first boutique – make sure you check it out. The only difficult thing to decide on is where to start! There are so many lingerie and swimwear collections we’d love to include. It’s definitely going to be an ongoing project…

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