The hottest looks for legs this autumn

Summer may be on its way out, but it’s not all bad – because when the weather starts to turn we have the perfect excuse to go shopping!

Whatever the state of our personal finances (and with a lingerie addiction, it’s not always pretty!), one thing there’s always room for in the budget is some new tights. New hosiery is the perfect way to give your wardrobe a fresh update without breaking the bank, and legs are high on the fashion agenda this season.

Whether you go bold and graphic or take a more sophisticated approach, there’s a legwear trend to suit you. Here are some highlights.



Left to right: Charnos,Pierre Mantoux, Pamela Mann

If the season’s bold, graphic patterns are a little bit out of your comfort zone but you want something a bit more exciting than plain black, then you’re in luck. Go for intricately patterned opaques that offer detail in a subtle way so your legwear complements rather than dominates your outfit.

Try: Floral Opaques Tights from Charnos, £10 from, for a floral design that doesn’t overwhelm; Pierre Mantoux’s richly detailed, shimmering Sandrine Tights, £23.99 from; or Pamela Mann’s Dogtooth Opaques for a contemporary take on this traditional pattern. £6.99 from


Pamela Mann leather look leggings, Gipsy Metallic Tights, Charnos Lurex Spot Opaques

Left to right: Pamela Mann, Gipsy, Charnos

Shine is back! From wet-look finishes and lurex to metallic shimmers, this winter will be all about a glossy sheen with a bit of a sci-fi edge. Go extreme with an all-over shine or tone it down with shiny elements like metallic studs or lurex details, it’s up to you how far you take this trend.

Try: Pamela Mann’s leather look leggings, £24.99 from; Gipsy’s Metallic Tights, £5.99 from; or these Lurex Spot Opaques from Charnos, £10 from


Le Bourget, Moulin Rouge by Pamela Mann, Fiore

Le Bourget, Moulin Rouge by Pamela Mann, Fiore

You can go crazy with all-over bold patterns this season, or you can keep it simple and understated. The ankle is where it’s at for subtle patterning for Autumn/Winter 2013, whether it’s flowers trailing up the back or a cute little detail on the ankle bone – express yourself in the details.

Try: Le Bourget’s Papillon Tights, £16.50 from; Moulin Rouge Swarovski Windmill Tights, £35 from; or Fiore Mandisa heart motif tights, £3.95 from

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