Hosiery that gives you great legs and enhances your wellbeing

ITEM m6 legwear collectionA good pair of tights that looks and feels great is worth spending a bit of money on, in our opinion. So we were very excited to hear about the UK launch of German brand ITEM m6, which offers hosiery and shaping legwear with Energy+ technology for legs that feel light and refreshed.

ITEM m6 is the fashion brand of Medi, a high-tech German healthcare products manufacturer. A move into fashion might sound a little odd for a medical company, but actually in this case it makes a lot of sense.

Medi is a specialist in compression technology, which improves blood circulation and oxygen supply around the body and helps to reduce swelling in the legs. Incorporating this technology into fashion tights helps to alleviate that tired, heavy leg feeling at the end of the day and improves overall well being.

And that’s not all. The legwear incorporates silver ions for their antibacterial, anti-odour effect, and the products have been designed so they don’t slip down or cut in and provide heat and moisture management throughout the day.

The women’s legwear range from ITEM m6 includes tights, stay ups, leggings, knee highs and socks in various styles and colours, including opaques, fine cord and semi-sheer translucent. There are also socks and knee highs for men.

Then there’s the shapewear range, which combines the Energy+ system compression with body sculpting technology. The Shape Pants Secret feature compression zones for the thighs, hips and tummy while the Shape Tights Translucent are designed to ‘wrap around your body like a second skin’, offering head-to-toe shaping and bum lift.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? We’ll be reviewing the tights in the next couple of weeks here at Fashion Bust and we’ll be sure to share our thoughts with you. And we’ve also got a fab giveaway from ITEM m6 coming up in a few weeks on our newsletter. Sign up now so you don’t miss out.

As you’ve probably guessed, all this technology comes with a certain price tag. The tights and shaping shorts will set you back £49.99 while the shaping tights cost £59.99. Browse the collection on the brand new ITEM m6 UK website.


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