New bra designed to lift and support bust without straps

The KewiBraThere are technology developments afoot in the fuller bust market as a new bra that uses ‘floating technology’ to support the weight of the bust is set to launch next summer.

According to Muyiwa Olumide, the founder of the new lingerie company, the KewiBra is a completely new design for D plus cup sizes that lifts the weight of the breasts to reduce back pain and discomfort.

And it does all this without straps. Instead the KewiBra uses the floating inner cups to hold the bottom of the breasts suspended within the bra.

These cups are made from a thin, breathable and stretchy fabric that moulds to the individual shape of each breast to provide a custom fit for each wearer. The slight space between the breasts and the outer bra ensures an even outward appearance.

The bra has been designed so that when it is worn it provides support without putting pressure on the neck, shoulders or back, and it was inspired by the desire to eliminate this kind of pain for women with larger cup sizes.

‘Our goal is for women with large bra sizes to no longer have to experience back pain, have to undergo costly surgical procedures or have difficulty finding bras that actually fit, without having to wear an unappealing medical bra,’ says founder Muyima Olumide. ‘Large breasts are a natural trait, not a medical defect! Our mission is to create the most comfortable bra in the world.’

So, what do you think? Amazing breakthrough or another bra fit gimmick? We can’t wait to actually see this bra and test it out. The technology sounds fascinating; it will be interesting to see if it works.

You can pre-order the KewiBra until 10 December 2013 for $99, down from $150. The bra will be launched in June 2014.

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