Check your boob bounce on Shock Absorber’s bounce-o-meter

Do you suffer from breast bounce when you’re exercising? If so, then you’re not alone, as new research from Shock Absorber has revealed that as many as a third of women skip exercise because of their boobs. So the sports bra brand has launched a nifty little tool to stop the nation’s boobs from bouncing – the Shock Absorber Bounce-o-Meter!

The Shock Absorber bounce-o-meter

Breast bounce when wearing no bra and when wearing a normal bra.

The Bounce-o-Meter is a 3D tool based on scientific research that aims to show how breasts move during different levels of exercise, comparing breast movement with no bra, a normal bra and a sports bra – and the results will probably surprise you.

You can adjust the Bounce-o-Meter to show your breast size and activity level to see just how much your boobs are moving when you work out. The tool will then give you a recommendation for a Shock Absorber sports bra to match your requirements.

Shock Absorber launched the Absorber Bounce-o-Meter after its survey of 1,000 active women in the UK found that the pain and discomfort caused by bouncing breasts stops around 37% of them from exercising.

Two thirds of women surveyed said they regularly experience breast bounce, which causes embarrassment and inhibits their exercise and enjoyment.

So it comes as some surprise to discover that 35% of the women surveyed said they don’t wear a sports bra when exercising – even though so many are worried about breast bounce.

Apparently, it’s a commonly held belief that if you have small breasts – below a D cup – you don’t need to wear a sports bra, and nearly half of women believe that sports bras are unnecessary for low impact activities such as yoga and pilates. Take a look at the Bounce-o-Meter to find out just how untrue these beliefs are.

If you are a non-sports bra wearer and you’re suffering from or are worried about painful breast bounce, we urge you to check out the Bounce-o-Meter and see for yourself just how effective a sports bra could be – and how much more effective these are than normal bras.

If you’re not sure which sports bra you need for which activity, check out the Fashion Bust guide to choosing your sports bra.



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