Lepel signs up to CoppaFeel’s #brahijack campaign

Bra Hijack CoppaFeel!Lingerie brand Lepel has joined Curvy Kate and Very.co.uk in signing up to breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!’s #brahijack campaign.

CoppaFeel! officially launched the campaign at Cosmopolitan’s lingerie fashion show on 14 October 2013, calling for lingerie brands to include a ‘boob check’ reminder message in their bra labels.

The ultimate aim is to see the label appear in every bra sold in the UK to help improve early detection of breast cancer by getting women into the habit of checking their breasts regularly. The presence of the reminder in bra label offers ‘a unique opportunity to develop life-long healthy habits,’ according to behavioural change expert Claire McDonald.

Lepel has pledged to add the CoppaFeel! label into its remaining spring/summer 2104 styles and all its autumn/winter 2014 collections alongside an educational swing ticket.

Lepel, we salute you!

If you’re unsure how to check your breasts, read our guide.


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