Review: ITEM m6 tights with Energy+

ITEM m6 hosiery and shapewear brand launches in the UKThe claims: ITEM m6 is the fashion brand of Medi, a high-tech German healthcare products manufacturer which specialises in medical compression technology. ITEM m6 has incorporated this technology into a range of luxury hosiery and shapewear as the Energy+ system, which promises energised, light and relaxed legs and a revitalising effect – no more heavy, tired legs at the end of the day.

The tights have also been formulated for a perfect fit, with no ‘slipping, cutting in or pressure points’, use silver ions for anti-bacterial properties and provide heat and moisture management. You can find more information about the range in our story about the launch.

Lotte says: I was sent a pair of ITEM m6’s translucent tights and a pair of opaques to try, both in black. They arrived in stylish packaging (complete with a guide on how to put them on, more on this later), which you would expect given that these tights cost around £50 a pair.

I tried the translucent tights first, which are not really translucent, more a light opaque, which is fine by me as I prefer opaques. My first thought when I got the tights out of the box was ‘They’ve sent me children’s tights!’ If you’ve ever put a handwash-only jumper in the washing machine only to pull it out at a fraction of its former size, then you can imagine how I felt when I saw these tights, which looked like they would be lucky to make it to my knees.

However, these are compression tights and they do stretch. This is where the guide comes in, as you have to be a little more careful putting them on than normal tights, fitting the heel first and then pulling them up gradually.

There are really two aspects to the fit of these tights. The first is the legs themselves, and you can really feel the compression. It’s a different feeling to pulling on a pair of tights that’s a bit too small and not at all uncomfortable. As someone who does suffer from heavy, uncomfortable legs at the end of the day, which is why I wanted to test these tights, the compression actually feels really nice. You can feel it from your toes right up through your thighs, and even though these aren’t ITEM m6’s shapewear tights, I’m sure all that compression is doing some shaping anyway.

The compression in the legs is a total contrast to the fit of the top of the tights. One of the things I dislike about wearing tights is the way the waistband digs in, and I’m forever pushing it up or down. But these tights had absolutely no dig in. In fact, the fit is so light against your waist that I was constantly worried they were about to slip down – they didn’t, and I got used to it.

But did they work? I put these tights through their paces. That is, I wore them when I had a really busy day and knew I wouldn’t be moving from my desk, which is when I have the most problems. And I have to say that they did alleviate the discomfort. The compression felt good. In fact, I would almost go along with the claim that it is revitalising, which I have to admit I was not expecting. If you do suffer from tired, swollen legs, I recommend giving them a try.

A word of caution though. It is important that you choose the right size to get the benefits. When I tried the opaque tights I realised I had been sent a medium in this style rather than a small. They were a lot bigger to look at and while they fit fine as a pair of tights, they weren’t tight enough to provide the compression. They are still a lovely pair of super thick opaques for winter, but they sadly won’t be refreshing my legs.

ITEM m6 has a calculator on its website to help you find the right size which takes into account gender, style, height and body size and gives you your length and size.  I highly recommend using this rather than trying to guess your size as you could easily end up with tights that are too big or too small.

As tights, these are not cheap. At nearly £50 a pair they are an investment, and even though I really like them, at that price they are always going to be an occasional purchase. That said, I probably will buy another pair when mine wear out, because they do make my legs feel good. I just hope they last a good long while first!

ITEM m6 Translucent tights cost £49.90 a pair and come in S-L with two leg lengths. Buy them from ITEM m6.

Have you tried ITEM m6’s legwear or are you thinking about trying it? If so, please let us know.

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