New survey reveals how much women worry about looks

Survey reveals women's body insecuritiesA new survey has revealed that UK women spend more than 12 hours a week worrying about their appearance.

The survey, which was carried out for Lycra brand owner INVISTA, highlights just how insecure women are about their looks.

How long would you say you spend a day worrying about what you look like? According to the survey, more than half of us spend up to 90 minutes every day fretting about it. For five percent, that goes up to four hours.

What makes up those daily and weekly worries? For 48%, it’s making sure wobbly bits are covered, and weight worries of one type or another on average take up two hours a week. For nine of out 10 of us, that means always choosing outfits which hide the parts of our bodies we feel most self-conscious about.

Deciding what to wear and worrying about whether or not it looks good takes up 2 hours and 20 minutes of our week, and choosing the right underwear takes up another 39 minutes.

According to the research, other things we worry about day to day including bloating, bad skin, the size of our boobs and greasy. All told, the litany of concerns comes to 12 hours and 4 minutes every week.

Hanro shapewear using Lycra beautyThe survey of 2,000 women was carried out in October 2013 on behalf of INVISTA in support of its Lycra beauty fabrics which has been specially developed for use in shapewear and offers four different levels of shaping from smoothing to control.

Brands using Lycra beauty in their shapewear include Debenhams, Simone Pérèle, Anita, Hanro (pictured) and Naturana.


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