Take a moment to tell us about your bra buying habits

The Fashion Bust bra surveyLadies of the UK, we want to know more about you and your bras. How many do you own, how often do you buy new bras and how much do you spend?

So we’ve set up a little survey to find out and we’d love you to take a couple of minutes to fill it in. Your answers will be completely anonymous and there’s nothing too complicated, just a few quick questions about you and your bras.

Please also forward this survey to your friends, as the more responses we have, the more insight we’ll get. After the survey closes, we’ll crunch all the data and give you the key facts about the UK’s bra buying habits.

Do you always have to match your bra and knickers? Find out how many other women feel the same. Take the Fashion Bust bra survey!

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