10 years younger: how a new bra transformed my shape

Well-fitted and beautiful lingerie is not just for younger women. A new bra can change your life at any time, as Margaret Kennedy, 67, discovered one afternoon in Selfridges. She tells Fashion Bust how being fitted for a new bra transformed her shape and made her feel 10 years younger…

It took just one hour and cost £50 and I looked 10 years younger.  What did I do?  I bought a new bra.

I was in Selfridges one Sunday and found myself with some time to kill so I took the opportunity to have a bra fitting.  I am 67 and the truth is that I hadn’t bought a new bra for over two years.  What I was wearing was good quality, and it had been properly fitted, but it was now old and I had lost weight in the meantime.  So it really wasn’t providing any support at all – as it turned out.  I hadn’t realised just how much impact that this was having on my body shape.

My fitter was a lovely lady called Luciana.  When I took my bra off she looked at me and pointed to the marks on my rib cage.  What was I doing, she asked, wearing my bra down there.  ‘You don’t have boobs there, so why is your bra down there?  It is at least 2cm too low.’

I hadn’t thought about it, but it explained why I found so many bras uncomfortable.  Perhaps it was something to do with my age, I suggested.  No said Luciana.  ‘I see it with all age groups.  What tends to happen is that when the bra is too low, and uncomfortable, the temptation is to pull it even lower.’

And it was quite true.  I had come to the conclusion that perhaps my body shape didn’t suit bras with a firm underband and I knew that I had kept tugging at the bra to try and make it more comfortable.  The result was that my breasts were much lower than they needed to be. And does that make a difference?  You bet it does.

I suggest that all ladies of a certain age stand and take a good look in the mirror and ask some ‘pointed’ questions.  Not how high are my breasts, but how low have they sunk?  Are they well separated?  Is one higher than the other? Are they central or beginning to float out towards the armpit?  Is the shape good?  And then I would suggest taking a long hard look at your friends because that can be an illuminating experience.

Too many elderly women – and I suppose I have to class myself as elderly. Well, getting there at any rate – take it for granted that their boobs are no longer an asset and simply don’t expect them to look good any more. Well, that is just not right.  A really good bra can make an enormous difference, as I discovered that Sunday.

Chantelle Vendome balconette bra

Back to my bra fitting. Luciana took a good look at me and came back with a whole range of bras.  She didn’t measure me and to my surprise they were 32DDs and 32Es.  I was surprised because I was wearing a 34E and have been a 34 all my life, or so I assumed. I would never have dreamt of even trying a 32.  But she was right, and did it make a huge difference to how I looked and felt.

Luciana encouraged me to try on more bras than I ever would have tried on my own. Some suited my shape and others didn’t, so it is well worth experimenting, and her prompting also encouraged me to try styles I never would have considered. An hour later I emerged from the fitting room with a beautiful Vendome balconette bra from Chantelle (pictured) and quite certain that I had the body shape of a much younger woman.

And if you’re wondering whether a 67-year old woman should really be wearing a balconette bra, then the answer is yes, why not?  Many women in my age group spend a fortune on hair colouring, expensive cosmetics and clothes.  By comparison a new, well fitted bra is cheap at the price, considering how good it can make you feel – excellent value for money in my book.

So I urge all older women who have not had a bra fitting or bought a new bra for some time, to go and treat yourself. You might be surprised at the results.

The Chantelle Vendome balconette bra costs £56 from Selfridges.


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