Review: Freya Ooh La La Henna Body

Review: Freya Lingerie Ooh la la Henna bodyFreya says: The Ooh La La body offers a great plunge shape complete with folded edges for no VPL – a new style for this season, guaranteed to make you look and feel glamorous.

Rosie says: I often longingly look at bodies from my favourite lingerie brands and wonder if they’ll fit me, if I can pull off the jeans, body, blazer look, and how on earth will I get something to fit? Especially as I need a cup-sized body rather than the high street styles you find which have cups made for the proportion of your dress size. Not ideal.

However, with so many brands in recent years embracing the bigger busted market and creating beautiful lingerie (rather than ‘over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders’ as my mother used to call them) big busted ladies can now wear low cut tops and balconette bras without feeling like they are about to fall out.

So given my curiosity about the sought-after well-fitting body, Freya Lingerie kindly sent me the new Oh La La body for review, a beautiful sheer, balconette body with a hook and eye fastening at the back and the crotch.

First things first, there was a real struggle to get the body on, despite undoing all the fastenings and trying from the bottom and over the legs, as well as over the head. I have to admit that I gave up for a couple of days before I braved it again, and even thought I might have to send it back. Truthfully, I was worried about getting stuck and having no significant other to take it off for me. I’m not sure my housemates would appreciate being called in to assist!

However, perseverance and a little bravery paid off. The body is difficult to get on for good reason – the fit is great. The key is to pull it over your head like a cami in one swoop, as fast and as forcefully as you can without doing any damage to your lovely Oh La La. It is stretchy, even if it doesn’t feel like it, so just go for it.

Once on, straps tightened and hook and eyes fastened, the Freya Oh La La did not let me down. Of course, with a body there’s the worry that it’ll be too long or short (and the Fashion Bust team have opposite dilemmas when it comes to bodies and one-piece swimsuits on this front), and although it was a little bit long (I’m the one with a short upper body), it was only by a few millimetres and the stretchy fabric means there are no obvious creases under clothes. The extra length is barely noticeable even without clothes. The three levels of hook and eye in the crotch also allows for longer body lengths – and big Christmas dinners!

The look of the body is sheer and frankly, beautiful. It transformed my confidence when I wore it under a dress for an engagement part recently, as I felt shaped, tucked in and well supported in the bust. The fit was great around the body and the cups just right (I wore a 30F) and there feels enough flexibility in the straps for fluctuations in the bust throughout the month. It is sheer and quite see-through, but isn’t that the joy of it too?

Once I’d gotten over the fight to get it on – and bravery is also needed to take it off – I’m glad my first try with a body has been so successful as these things have the potential to put you off, don’t they?

All in all, I love my new bodysuit and I will be attempting the jean, body, blazer look over Christmas!

The Ooh La La Henna Body from Freya Lingerie comes in sizes 30-36 D-G and costs £50 from

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