Tights with socks attached? Yes, please

How many of you wear a pair of socks over you tights if you’re wearing boots? A lot of women do, partly for comfort or warmth and partly to spare the tights from zips and snagging. And sometimes for fashion, of course. But wouldn’t it be handy if you didn’t need to?

Thanks to a little bit of innovation from hosiery brands, you can have your socks and tights in one, and you can look a whole lot cooler while you’re doing it.

Pretty Polly‘s Secret Socks range offers 20 denier tights that have knitted in socks in three different styles. You can choose from knee-high socks with plain tights, knee-highs with patterned tights, or our favourite, over the knee socks with plain tights. They look amazing with a short skirt.

Pretty Polly Secret Socks

Another brand making sock tights is Bootights, which were featured on Oprah Winfrey as a ‘must-have’ back in 2011. While the sock element of these tights is a little more about function, the brand has a wide range of tight styles in three collections: core, metro chic and luxe.


The core collection offers plain opaques with either ankle or mid-calf socks, while metro chic includes patterned styles such as Argyll, cable knit, pinstripe and fishnet. Finally, the Luxe collection offers luxury opaques in black or charcoal.

And the great news is that both brands have sales on at the moment! You can pick up Pretty Polly’s Secret’s Socks range at 25% off, while Bootights have 50% off. So stock up now for the winter months ahead and keep your feet toasty this winter.

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