The Great Big Christmas Competition!

The Great Big Christmas competition

Christmas is just around the corner and to celebrate we have some lovely little treats for you. Lots of them, actually.

To mark Fashion Bust’s first Christmas, we’ve organised a festive treasure hunt on the site that will run from Boxing Day until Friday 3 January, and we’ll be giving away a different prize every day. That’s right, a new prize every single day!

We’ve got fabulous gifts from the likes of Wonderbra, Burt’s Bees, Tutti Rouge and Neal & Wolf all ready to give away, and we’ll be revealing the full list and more details on a special Christmas competition newsletter on Monday 23 December – so look out for it!

If you haven’t played an online treasure hunt before, it works like this. Every day we’ll be hiding a little Christmas present somewhere on the site – we’ll let you know each day exactly what you’re looking for – and all you have to do is find it. It could be anywhere – in a story, on a picture, or anywhere else we can find to hide it! Once you’ve found it, just complete that day’s entry form and copy and paste the URL of the pressie. All correct entries will be entered into the prize draw.

We’ll be announcing the winners daily, but no prizes will be sent out until January. Full instructions and terms and conditions will be available on our special newsletter. For now, all you need to do it get excited! Happy Christmas!

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