Freya Active launches ‘ground breaking’ new sports bra

Freya Active launches ground-breaking new sports braFreya Active is giving exercise phobics no excuse to avoid the workout this January with the release of a new sports bra that the brand claims has been scientifically proven to reduce breast strain and pain as well as movement during exercise.

One of the main issues that prevents many women working out is breast pain, caused by breast movement (bounce) during exercise, but also strain of the skin and breast tissue, so Freya Active worked with the University of Portsmouth’s breast heath team in the first research study of its kind to look at all three aspects of breast pain.

Breast strain occurs when the breast is not correctly supported during exercise, and the ligaments and skin are put under stress, according to Dr Joanna Scurr, who headed up the research. ‘Over time this may lead to a stretching of the breasts’ natural support, which could lead to permanent damage. Reducing strain across the mid and upper parts of the breast will reduce the risk of damage to the internal structures of the breast.’

The study, which tested the Active Crop Top Sports Bra against seven other sports bra styles for the key areas for breast pain and strain, found that Freya’s new sports bra reduced breast pain by up to 97% for participants with cup sizes from 32FF to 36E compared with wearing no bra, and virtually eliminated strain in key areas of the breast such as across the nipple.

More than 90% of participants in the study also felt that the sports crop top reduced breast movement within the bra and rated it 20% more supportive than other styles tested.

The new crop top style sports bra was six years in development and uses a protective moulded inner layer for support, shape and breast separation, and is cut high to encapsulate the upper breast, a region participants in the study identified as a common area of pain. It also has a centre front extension to provide extra support to the top cup and padded straps for comfort.

The bra is designed to be worn as underwear or as outerwear and uses moisture management microfibre with an odour control finish for lasting freshness

The new crop top sports bra comes in a choice of indigo blue or black and is sized from 28 D-GG, 30-32 D-H, 34-36 B-H, 38 B-GG and 40 B-G. Prices from £40, available from Leia lingerie, Littlewoods, Less Bounce and Lace lingerie.

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