Workout gear for your New Year fitness regime

It’s New Year, and we’re all for new fitness resolutions. And so what if they peter out after a month? If you’re in the mood for exercising, then grab the motivation with both hands and get yourself moving.

Here at Fashion Bust, we had a particularly mad year in 2013 and our fitness regimes went off schedule a little. But I for one want 2014 to be the year I put my running shoes back on and get back into the gym, so I’ve been scouring the high street for some new fitness gear: just because you’re working out, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to feel good in what you’re wearing!

Running shoes:
Nike Air Pegasus+30 Women’s Running Shoes

Nike Air Pegasus+30 Women's Running Shoes
Want to start pounding the pavements instead of spending money on classes and treadmills in the gym? You have to make sure you’re kitted out with the right trainers, otherwise your hips will ache and there’s every chance you’ll hurt your ankles. With a low profile look and this gorgeous purple colour, these Nike running shoes have responsive cushioning to support you while you’re on the move, as well as sticky rubber for extra grip when it’s raining.
Buy: £85, sizes 4.5-7.5,

Outdoor running top:
New Balance Impact Hoodie

New Balance Impact Hoodie

If you are out and about running in the winter months, then as well as taking safe routes, make sure you’re wearing something that you’ll be seen in. That way, pedestrians, dogs and their walkers, as well as cars, will see you coming (because you’ll be going so fast that you’ll come out of nowhere, right?). Not only is this coral New Balance top nice and bright, but the lightweight polyester will see you comfortably through winter and into spring. Plus is has a handy pocket for your MP3 player.
Buy: £22.99, XS-XL,

Yoga and Pilates trousers:
Karma Yoga Pants

Karma Yoga Pants

Combining your fitness regime with yoga and pilates will stretch out your muscles, help with your posture and work on your flexibility – all helping you to train more effectively. These Karma Yoga Pants from Sweaty Betty are stretchy and comfortable and have a flattering straight cut. They also come in three different leg lengths.
Buy: £34, XS-XL, Sweaty Betty

Running trousers:
Pure Simple Sport Podium 4 Tights

Pure Simple SportPodium 4 TightsRunning on the treadmill or running outside, without a doubt the most comfortable trousers to wear are running leggings. Fortunately, they’re not as unattractive as you might imagine, and tons of brands have designs especially for women. Try these ones from Pure Simple in black, raspberry and mint: a flattering fit and an ultra comfy waistband so you’re not distracted on those long distances.
Buy: £20, 8-18,

Gym shorts:
Princesse tam.tam Argent Shorts

Princesse tam.tam Argent shortsWorkout shorts often get very little attention. They are convenient but not exactly a fashion item, and most of us end of with the same old colours and styles. Well, these futuristic shorts from Princesse tam.tam’s new Sporty range are a little bit more interesting! Don’t worry that the 70s inspired silver finish looks a tad scratchy – in fact, the shorts are made from soft, comfortable cotton so you can look cool without sacrificing comfort.
Buy: £40, 8-14, Princesse tam.tam

Gym socks:
Hilly Monoskin Niet Ankle Socks

Hilly Monoskin Niet Ankle Socks
Ruining all your lovely new Christmas socks, or wearing old ones that slip down and blister? Just, no! It’s so important to be comfortable when working out, so invest in a few pairs of exercise socks and you’ll feel the difference immediately. Try these Hilly Monoskin socks, which support your ankles while still giving you freedom of movement. They also use Coolmax fabric which keeps those tootsies cool (and less smelly). We also love that they’re pink, because they’re not as boring as old-fashion white socks in the gym!
Buy: £10, S-M,

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