Valentine’s Day cleavage boost?

Passionata's Valentine's push up surveyGirls, have you ever wondered what men really think of push up bras? Well, French lingerie brand Passionata recently conducted an interesting survey of men and women asking them about push up bras for Valentine’s Day. The results may surprise you. Then again, they might not.

The survey specifically looked at how much uplift is prefered by men and women, with respondents asked to choose between Passionata’s four different levels of ‘push’.

Apparently, us ladies are most likely (73%) to opt for the lowest level of push up on Valentine’s Day. However, 41% of men would like to see us wear the maximum push up.

This is fairly consistent across the whole of the UK, except for Scotland, where men are less likely to want their dates to wear the highlest level of uplift.

However, thanks to Passionata’s Up Effect collection, we can all choose just the right degree of push up that we (and our dates) and comfortable with.

The Up Effect collection features a range of push up bras that offer four different levels of cleavage boost to suit all preferences and have been specially designed to enhance to bust.

Watch Passionata’s Up Effect video for a preview of the different styles in the range. And keep your eye out for a very exciting Passionata competition we’ll be running in a few weeks…

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