Video: Face of Pandora’s Box

You may remember that a few months ago we reported the story that Pandora’s Box lingerie boutique in Lancashire had launched a campaign to find three customers to be the face of the store.

It was a decision taken by the owners when they realised that their customers just couldn’t relate to the glossy images of gorgeous models in lingerie provided by their suppliers. Instead, they wanted to find three women who could more accurately represent the range of size, shape and age within their customer base.

And they did, choosing 19-year-old student Jade Forshaw, 31-year-old expectant mum Sara Ainscow and 42-year-old cancer survivor Julia Lyons.

Now Pandora’s Box has released a video of interviews with its three campaign stars who talk about their motivation to take part, and the journey the process has taken them on. It’s interesting, sweet and occasionally really quite moving, and an interesting insight into not just why they chose to strip down to their undies but also why they love the lingerie boutique that gave them the opportunity.

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