Panache Sports Bra review: New Year fitness put to the test

Panache Sports Bra greyPanache says: ‘This sports bra doesn’t just reduce bounce from your workout it also adds a touch of style to it. The super smooth shape with flat seams looks great under any sportswear. The wide padded straps and silicone wrapped wires add that extra level of comfort as well as support.’

Rosie says: The Panache Sport sports bra has been hugely successful since it first launched a couple of years ago. It is designed to encapsulate each breast and reduce their movement while you exercise, and has a three hook fastening and the option of straight or a racer back straps.

Firstly, if you’re going to the gym, running or doing an exercise class you’ll need a sports bra. If you don’t wear a sports bra, your breasts will bounce up and down, side to side, and all over the place, damaging the delicate elasticity in the tissue and causing pain and discomfort.

2013 was a pretty busy year for me, what with a new job and the launch of Fashion Bust. In 2014 I am determined to start up my fitness regime again. In fact, as I sit here and write this I am recovering from a particularly brutal Box Fit session at my new gym – I am finding the stairs a difficult task, and putting heels on for a 30th birthday party tonight is going to be interesting.

So to start the new year with a bang, I got a new Panache sports bra to test and took on a few fitness challenges. Admittedly, I already own this sports bra in a different colour (purple) but it’s at least two years old now. So as a first point, it was amazing to see the difference in the two bras. My old Panache sports bra was definitely much softer, and although it was more comfortable it isn’t nearly as supportive of my brand new bra. It seems to have lost its sturdiness, and definitely proved to me why I should be updating my sports bra more often than every two years. (I used this sports bra a lot during 2012, but admittedly not so much during 2013, so it got a good year’s worth of wear at about three times a week).

Back to my new bra…

The first class I did was step aerobics, not a huge amount of jumping up and down, but a lot of movement. This was the first time I wore the Panache sports bra and because it was so new, I put it on the hook for the loosest fitting. It was still pretty tight to start with but I soon realised that I needed it tighter because when I started exercising, there was way too much movement down there, and I could feel the lack of support under my breasts. My advice is to test it first with a small run or at home, so you’re not stuck in a class for an hour unable to fix it.

The next class was a two-mile run one evening after work. Now I’d got the fit correct, there was a distinct difference to my old sports bra. It felt easier to run and I felt more supported than I had in a while. Sometimes, my breasts do really feel like they’re slowing me down. Not this time. It was like they’d been ‘managed’ – they were lifted and tucked in tight. The beauty of this sports bra is  that it encapsulates each breast individually and has a thick cushioning structure, so there’s no rubbing or friction, and the support feels pretty substantial because of its thickness.

The next class I tested it on was the aforementioned Box Fit, where there isn’t a lot of jumping but there’s a lot of turning, as well as using your arms for punching and squatting. I’ve often found that without a good sports bra in this class, I don’t work as hard because the sideways movement in the bust tends to start straining a lot quicker. But again, because each breast is individually encased, it doesn’t feel like they’re being pulled from side to side because they are held in place and not able to move. Which means I can punch with a lot more fury at the end of a hard day!

Sizing tip: I usually wear a size 30F, but had to go up to 30FF in this bra and it’s a snug fit.

Sizes: 28-40 D-H
Buy: £35.

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