New survey places looks last for maternity lingerie

Essential Embrace nursing bra from BravadoThis is one for all you pregnant ladies and new mums out there. Apparently a new survey from maternity and nursing lingerie brand Bravado has revealed that what bras look like is the least important consideration for new mums. Do you agree?

The survey looked in how lingerie buying habits change during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and more than 300 women took part. Only 3% of them rated appearance as the most important factor in buying a new bra during this period with the majority opting for comfort and support.

One factor in this is likely to be just how much a woman’s bra size can change during pregnancy, and the average increase is one back size and as many as four cup sizes. Such a significant change means comfort is paramount, and often discourages women from spending too much on their maternity underwear.

Add to that the fact that underwires and poorly fitted bras can put pressure on developing milk ducts during pregnancy, and it is even more essential that bras can provide that all important perfect fit. According to the results of the survey, 89% of participants said that knowing this would definitely make them think twice about wearing an underwired bra – although 64% admitted that they were concerned that non-wired bras would not provide enough support or a good shape.

However, on the wire front, it is possible to have it both ways, as a number of brands, Bravado included, have developed maternity bras that offer the shape and support of an underwired in a wirefree format. Bravado’s is the Essential Embrace bra, which uses a specially developed flexible and supportive fabric called Dynatex to eliminate the need for an underwire.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Penny Clayton from Bravado said she felt it was important for lingerie brands to recognise the importance of support and comfort during this time of great change for women’s bodies, but added that bras can still look good – which we’re very glad to hear!

‘At Bravado we take everything into consideration when designing our lingerie, but one thing we would never do is sacrifice support and comfort for fashion.  We listen to mums, and that is why our lingerie is so popular.’

So, what do you think? Do you agree? While comfort and functionality are definitely the primary considerations for women when pregnant and breastfeeding, does that mean appearance doesn’t matter at all? We get so many requests from friends and through this site for pretty maternity bras so we know there is a demand for lingerie that combine comfort and looks. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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