Panache joins the CoppaFeel! #BraHijack campaign

Panache joins #brahijack campaignYet another lingerie brand has announced that it is getting behind CoppaFeel!’s #BraHijack breast cancer awareness campaign.

D+ lingerie company Panache has announced that it will introduce the #BraHijack ‘boob check’ labels, which encourage women to check their breasts for the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, to its Cleo by Panache (pictured) and Sculptresse brands for the Autumn/Winter 2014 and Spring/Summer 2015 seasons.

#BraHijack is one of many initiatives to raise awareness of breast cancer amoung younger women from CoppaFeel!, and it is the charity’s hope to one day see the label in every bra sold in the UK. The aim is to help women understand how to check their breasts and make it a daily routine from a young age, rather than something that is often seen as daunting.

‘Anything that can be done to raise awareness is of paramount importance,’ says Kristin Hallenga, founder of CoppaFeel! ‘These little labels, which are sewn into the inside of bras, could save lives and they are such a simple addition.’

Panache sells around 450,000 pieces in its Cleo by Panache and Sculptresse brands worldwide, so the addition of the #BraHijack label to these bras will give a huge boost to the campaign.

According to Danny Power from Panache, he was inspired to join the campaign when he heard Kristin talk about her charity. ‘It’s not about driving sales for Panache or creating funds for a charity. It’s a simple reminder for young women to check their breasts and be aware of breast cancer and I’m proud Panache will play a part. We feel our Sculptresse and Cleo collections lend themselves well to CoppaFeel’s primary target audience and we wish the initiative every success.’

All we can say is, well done Panache! Let’s hope more brands join in the #BraHijack campaign.

For more information on how to check your breasts, see our guide.

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