Invisibra creates video to show staying power of bra

Lavalia London, makers of the new adhesive backless, strapless bra Invisibra, have produced a video to demonstrate just how securely their bra adheres.

The Invisibra is the latest lingerie solution to offer the freedom to wear the daring ultra low back or strapless looks so often seen on the red carpet in recent seasons, and has quickly become a favourite with celebrity stylists.

Entitled ‘Butterflies and Ballerinas’ the video shows three dancers wearing the Invisibra going through a series of movements which could challenge the staying power of an adhesive bra – but the Invisibra stays firmly attached.

The company has also just launched a brand new website for the bra, to showcase the different collections and provide essential information on how to determine the right size and how to care for the bra so you can use it again and again.

And, don’t forget, until 6pm on 18 February 2014 you can enter our giveaway to win one of eight Invisibras so you can test out the bra’s sticking power for yourself.


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