How to wear the trends: the white shirt

How to wear the white shirtAt Fashion Bust we don’t just love lingerie for its own sake. We also understand that the right underwear is so important for whatever you’re wearing on top – and not just for the special occasions.

This season it’s all about the white shirt, from oversized boyfriend shirts to sheer, dressy styles and smart office blouses. And there’s nothing so easy to ruin with the wrong bra than a white shirt, so we’re delighted that Chantelle‘s fit expert Sandra Dyke has offered up her tips for ensuring you choose the right bra.

Surely everyone knows not to wear a white bra under a white shirt, right? It might be the same colour as your shirt but it’s not the same colour as your skin, so it will stand out. Your best bet is to choose a bra that matches your skin tone as closely as possible, says Sandra. Or you could be a little more daring. ‘If you want to add a bit of colour, a red T-shirt bra can make a good alternative to nude as it won’t show under white tops.  If you aren’t quite so daring, pale pink can work too.’

‘If your shirt is fitted or the fabric is rather tight or fine, you should opt for an invisible bra made from a satin or microfibre knit,’ advises Sandra. Invisible bras often have laser cut finishes or enclosed finished seams to ensure that the lines of the bra don’t show even under the finest fabrics. ‘However, if your shirt is less fitted or the fabric is quite thick, the fabric of the bra you choose to wear can come down to personal preference.’

This is just as important for a shirt as a little black dress if you want your bra to work with your outfit. ‘At Chantelle, we look at necklines to determine what bra shape you should be wearing, so think about the neckline of your shirt and how you are going to be wearing it, for example, buttoned to the top or with some buttons undone,’ says Sandra.

Here are three common necklines for shirts and the styles you should consider:

C Chic Sexy Spacer BraRounded neckline
Choose a T-shirt bra like this C Chic Sexy Spacer bra or three-part or two-part bras for shirts with round necklines as they envelope the bust to create an attractive silhouette.
Buy: Sizes 30 D-G, 32-36 B-G, 38 B-F and 40 B-D, £44.

Chantelle Hedona moulded braHigh neckline
For high necklines, moulded bras work best as they help to minimise volume. Try this Chantelle Hedona moulded bra.
Buy: Sizes 32-38 B-G, 40 B-F and 42 B-E, £36.

Chantelle Vous et Moi plunge braV neckline
Shirts that have a V neckline need plunge or push up bras. The plunging shape works with the neckline and centres the bust and, if you choose a push up, can add a cup size. Chantelle’s Vous et Moi plunge is a great example.
Buy: Sizes 32-36 A-F, 38-40 B-D, £46.

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