Bestform’s bra fit checklist

Bestform SS14 lingerieFit is very important to lingerie brands for obvious reasons, and Bestform is taking it very seriously, urging customers to check their bra fit to ensure they are in the right size and avoid discomfort.

The brand, which has just launched a fun new spring/summer 2014 collection, has has provided a handy little checklist of questions to ask yourself about your bra. If you answer Yes to any of these, there’s a chance you may not be in the right bra for you.

So, here’s your checklist:

1 Do my breasts protrude underneath my bra?

2 Do my breasts bounce in my bra?

3 Are my breasts spilling over the cups?

4 Is there any wrinkling on the cups?

5 Is my band too tight or too loose?

6 Is my backband riding up my back?

7 Does my underwire lie flat against my rib cage?

To help you make sense of these questions, the brand has provided the following advice:

If your breasts spill out or over your cups, or the underwire digs in or doesn’t lie flat, your cups are probably too small. Try a larger cup size.

If your bra is wrinkled on the cups or your breasts are not properly supported, the cup size you are wearing is probably too big. Try a smaller one to see if it improves.

If your backband is riding up your back, your breasts protrude beneath the cups or the shoulder straps hurt, try adjusting the straps or a smaller band size.

If your bra is too tight around the back, causes rolls of flesh to appear and the fastening feels uncomfortable, you may have fastened your bra too tightly or you may need a larger band size.


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