Gossard to add CoppaFeel!’s #BraHijack labels to bras

Gossard Glossies in coral

Gossard is the latest lingerie brand to announce its backing for CoppaFeel!‘s #BraHijack campaign.

The breast cancer awareness charity launched the campaign in October last year in an attempt to persuade lingerie brands and retailers to include a ‘boob check’ label in their bras to encourage women to get into the habit of checking their breasts for the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

The labels, which include the CoppaFeel! logo and a reminder message, will appear in all Gossard bras from next year, including the brand’s best-selling lines such as EgoBoost, Glossies and SuperBoost Lace.

Kristin Hellenga, CEO and Founder of CoppaFeel!, said: ‘We’re over the moon that Gossard has committed to putting our reminders in ALL their bras. This is a huge step towards ensuring all women check themselves regularly and breast cancers are diagnosed early. I have personally been wearing Gossard for years, even since my mastectomy, so even for me this is very exciting. Gossard stocks bras that appeal to younger women, and they are the ones who need to start thinking about their boob health TODAY.’

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