What’s your idea of perfect beauty?

Perfect female bodyCara Delevingne has the most beautiful face as far as women are concerned, according to the latest survey from lingerie brand Bluebella that highlights the differences between men and women’s perceptions of beauty and the perfect body.

The survey, which canvassed the opinions of both men and women on the most desirable features of the world’s most beautiful people, also found that while women are most likely to go for a slender frame with boyish hips, men prefer curves.

Bluebella has created composites of both men’s and women’s ideals of the male and female form based on these preferences, revealing the differences in how the sexes perceive beauty.

For women, the strong features of Cara Delevingne paired with the hair of the Duchess of Cambridge creates the most beautiful face. Men, on the other hand, chose the face of Megan Fox and the hair of the sultry Scarlett Johansson.

Body-wise, women picked the breasts of Jennifer Aniston, the stomach of Gwyneth Paltrow, the hips of Emma Watson and the legs of Elle Macpherson, while men opted for Kim Kardashian’s bust, Michelle Keegan’s tum, the shapely hips of Kelly Brook and the legs of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – resulting in two quite different silhouettes.

And, unlike men, women’s choices reveal a disregard for age when picking their favourite features. Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are both in their 40s, while Elle Macpherson is 50.

Perfect male body

The differences continue when it comes to male beauty. For women, it’s all about Jamie Dornan’s face and the hair of Harry Styles. Men, meanwhile, picked David Beckham’s face and Brad Pitt’s hair.

And it seems that men covet a much more muscular physique than women, who chose Brad Pitt’s biceps, David Gandy’s torso and David Beckham’s legs. Men preferred the bulkier look of Hugh Jackman’s bicpes, Ryan Gosling’s torso and Frank Lampard’s legs.

Bluebella founder Emily Bendall commented on how interesting it was to see such a range of ages of shapes emerging in the results, adding ‘the survey shows that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder – it should give us all more body confidence.’

Bluebella’s lingerie range goes up to a size 26 and a 40G. You can browse the collection online at Bluebella.com.

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