Scotland beats England on average bra size

Debenhams UK bra size survey

Women in Inverness have the biggest average bra size in the UK, according to recent research released by Debenhams.

The department store analysed recent sales figures of bras across the UK and discovered that bigger sizes sold in larger quantities in Scotland than anywhere else, with Welsh women buying the smallest sizes.

Apparently, the average bra size in Scotland is a 34DD, while in England and Ireland it’s a 34C and a 34B in Wales.

The news comes following research from the department store, which sells 10,000 bras per week, showing that 63% of women are wearing the wrong size. What’s more, according to Debenhams, 37% of UK women have never had a bra fitting, and only 21% have been fitted in the last two years.

All of which makes calculating average bra size rather tricky – those 63% in the wrong size have to be taken into account – but in terms of the average size bought in Debenhams stores, it seems that those in the North of England and Scotland are most likely to buy bras over a D cup, and the department store has confirmed that its fuller bust collections have seen highest sales in Scotland.

At the top end of the size scale are women in Inverness and Wigan, where the average size sold is a 36F. In London, by comparison, it’s a 32C, while in Portsmouth and Welsh town Merthyr Tydfil the average size sold is a 34A. And in Brighton the average is only a 32B.

As wearing the wrong size bra can lead to all kinds of discomfort such as back, neck and head ache – not to mention cause unsightly issues such as quadraboob and the dreaded back fat – Debenhams this week launched its new #knowmysize campaign in all its stores across the UK. The campaign aims to encourage women to go to their nearest store for a free bra fitting, and as an incentive is offering those who get fitted £5 off bra purchases over £30 until 26 April.

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