Top picks: the best pants for the discerning UK man

Last week we saw a couple of interesting statistics about UK men and their underwear, some more savory than others.

On the one hand, a widely reported survey by UK researchers found that the average UK man keeps his pants for seven years, while 22% admit to not changing them everyday. The less we dwell on that the better!

On the other, data released by UK retail search engine Twenga showed that the most popular type of underwear for the British male is the boxer, chosen by around a third of men, followed by briefs. Together these two types of pants account for 51% of search traffic, however the same data showed that interest in the male thong is on the rise with search traffic up 10%. Who knew the usually shy and retiring British gent was into such risqué undergarments?

(The data also includes some interesting stats on the preferences of other European countries. In Poland, the thong is the number one choice, for example, while the sensible boxer dominates in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.)

Anyway, it felt like the right time to revisit the world of men’s underwear, so here we have put together our top picks in the most popular categories – the boxer, the trunk, and the brief.


The Oliver Boxer by Max Holliday

The Oliver by Max Holliday
Buy: £55, S-XL. Max Holliday

Nelson Classic Boxers by Derek Rose

Nelson Classic Boxers by Derek Rose
Buy: £28, S-XL. Derek Rose

TM Lewin Navy Red Check Boxer Shorts

Navy Red Check Boxers by TM Lewin
Buy: £14, S-XL. TM Lewin


Bawbags Day of the Dead trunks

Day of the Dead by Bawbags
Buy: £11.99, XS-XL. Surfdome

Floral Trunk by Polo Ralph Lauren

Floral Trunk by Polo Ralph Lauren
Buy: £27, S-XL.

WAXX Underwear Navy Men's Boxer Short

Waxx Navy Men’s Trunk
Buy: £25, S-XL. Waxx


/2014/05/01/top-picks-best-pants-discerning-uk-man/Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Navy Brief

Cotton Stretch Hipster by Calvin Klein
Buy: £17, S-XL.

Sunspel Navy Stripe Brief

Navy Stripe Brief by Sunspel
Buy: £25, XS-XXL. Sunspel

Bjorn Borg Pixel Leopard Brief

Pixel Leopard by Bjorn Borg
Buy: £20, S-XL.


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