Summer 2014 fuller bust lingerie highlights

This summer is set to be a colourful one in the world of lingerie, and the fuller bust market is no exception!

However, it seems that the main refrain we keep hearing from DD plus wearers is the lack of pretty, stylish underwear in their size. Now, we know that availability in store can be an issue, and that not all brands cater for all sizes in each style, but there are so many beautiful bras and brands out there that we just had to showcase some of the best this season has to offer – and there’s not a frumpy bra among them!

Here are some of our favourite picks from basics to bold prints and, of course, the must-have summer floral.

Bold and bright

Alana Bra by Bravissimo

Alana by Bravissimo
£28, sizes 28 FF-J, 30 E-KK, 32-40 DD-L. Bravissimo.

Persia bra by Elomi

Persia by Elomi
£38, sizes 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, 44 E-G.

Darcy bird print by Cleo by Panache

Darcy by Cleo
£25, sizes 28-36 D-H.

Summer florals

Abigail floral by Fantasie Lingerie

Abigail by Fantasie
£33, sizes 30-38 D-J, 40 D-FF. Leia Lingerie.

May SS14 by Sculptresse

May by Sculptresse
£35, sizes 36 F-HH, 38 E-HH, 40 DD-HH, 42-46 D-HH.

Betty SS14 by Tutti Rouge

Betty by Tutti Rouge
£32, sizes 28-28 D-HH. Tutti Rouge.

Beautiful basics

Freya Deco Delight Dove bra

Deco Delight Dove by Freya
£34, sizes 28 DD-GG, 30-36 D-GG, 38 D-G. Bravissimo.

Porcelain Grace by Panache

Porcelain Grace by Panache
£28.50, sizes 28-38 D-G. Dahlia Lingerie.

Smoothie bra in blush by Curvy Kate

Smoothie Blush by Curvy Kate
£29, 28-30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG, 38 D-G.

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