Company develops radiation-proof pants

Wireless Armour radiation proof boxersWe love a weird underwear story, and the news that a company is developing radiation-proof pants for men is just the kind of wacky story we enjoy – although this one has a serious side.

Wireless Armour boxers, the invention of British scientist Joseph Perkins, aim to protect the male sperm count from the damage done by our modern day exposure to electromagnetic radiation through the use of a Faraday Cage – in the pants themselves.

The company, which has set up a fundraising page on Indiegogo and hopes to raise £30,000 to develop the pants commercially, claims that exposure to electromagnetic radiation from such everyday technologies as mobile phones and wifi, can affect fertility in men by negatively impacting sperm count and motility.

To combat this problem, Joseph Perkins came up with the idea of protective undergarments made using a technique called a Faraday Cage which works by stopping 99.99% of the electromagnetic radiation given off by our personal electronic devices from penetrating the pants and the affecting the wearer’s privates.

A silver mesh has been woven into the fabric of the pants to encase the wearer in a cage of metal and keep out harmful radiation. And the silver also bestows others benefits on the underwear, including longer life and an antimicrobial effect that can prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria to keep pants fresher for longer (however, since this may encourage men to wear their pants for longer than they otherwise might, we’re not convinced about this benefit!).

According to the fundraising page, which also includes a helpful video about the product, if the target is reached, Wireless Armour hope to ship the finished underwear to supporters in July this year. If you would be like to be an early recipient of these innovative new pants, you can find out more and donate via Indiegogo.

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