Britons’ top summer fashion faux pas revealed

Briton's top summer fashion faux pas revealed

As you lounge happily on the beach this summer, watch out you don’t commit one of the top summer fashion faux pas, as revealed in a survey of 2,000 Brits by swimwear retailer

Not only do we regularly commit these fashion disasters ourselves, it seems eagle-eyed Brits are also on the lookout for them in others, and some may even point them out to complete strangers – to stop them embarrassing themselves, of course.

According to the survey, our top three pet summer peeves are wearing socks with sandals, streaky fake tan and wearing swimwear that’s too small. These are closely followed by beer bellies on display, Union Jack shorts and thongs.

The full list of 20 fashion disasters also includes such things as sunburn (a common sight about UK beach-goers, and even in the park at the end of a long summer day), dodgy tan lines, high heels with bikinis and saggy swimwear. And apparently we also don’t like to see women wearing heavy make up to the beach or men in skimpy swimming trunks. In fact, it seems we’re a pretty fussy lot, especially as 40 percent of survey respondents admitted to committing one of the fashion sins on the list in their time.

The survey also revealed that most of us have hidden away in our wardrobes three items of clothing that could result in a summer fashion no-no. However, most men and women claimed that they always ensure their swimwear fits correctly before heading out to prevent any embarrassing mishaps.

Helen Boyle, fashion stylist for Swimwear365, believes the scarcity of good weather in the UK is one reason Brits are guilty of so many beach faux pas. ‘The UK is used to having bad weather, so it’s understandable we want to make the most of the good weather when we do get it. So summer time is an excuse for many Brits to strip off and expose as much flesh as possible, but many adults find it hard to dress for their body shape which can unfortunately lead to errors such as tight swimwear or muffin tops.’

In other words, take the time to choose swimwear that flatters your shape and makes you feel good. That way you won’t have to worry what anyone else thinks, which is not something you should be wasting energy on anyway when you’re on holiday.

The top 20 list of Britons’ worst summer fashion faux pas is as follows:

1. Socks with sandals
2. Streaky fake tan
3. Swimwear that’s too small
4. Beer bellies
5. Union Jack shorts
6. Thongs
7. Dodgy tan lines
8. Heavy make up on the beach
9. Skirt tucked into knickers
10. Peeling sunburn
11. Sunburn
12. Muffins tops
13. Panda eyes
14. Saggy swimsuit
15. Heels with a bikini
16. Skimpy swimming trunks
17. A cap worn back to front
18. See-through cover ups or swimwear
19. Tattoos on legs
20. Swimwear that sits too low on the waist


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