New Hello Kitty range from Pretty Polly

Hello Kitty range from Pretty PollyHello Kitty, the cult Japanese cartoon character that graces a myriad of products worldwide as well as having her own TV show, turns 40 this year. And her latest incarnation is in a range of hosiery from fashion brand Pretty Polly.

It’s a fun and quirky collection that will appeal to Hello Kitty fans of all ages, offering everything from tights to knee-highs and ankle socks, all adorned with Hello Kitty’s familiar face.

There are four styles of tights, each featuring the character in different positions, from the fantastic stripe tights with Hello Kitty on the shins, to mock suspender tights held up by Hello Kitty. We also love the placement tights, with the face positioned perfectly for a pair of ballet pumps.

The socks are equally fun, and great for lounging around the house. Our favourites are the spot knee-highs and outline knee-highs. If you’re going to wear Hello Kitty socks, you may as well go the whole way and go pink as well!

The tights come in one size only while the socks and knee-highs are both available in sizes 4-8. Tights cost £8 per pair, knee-highs £6 per pair and ankle socks cost £6 for a pack of two. Buy from Pretty Polly or stockists such as

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