Top tips for safe tanning this summer

Safe tanningIt has never been more important to stay safe in the sun. Skin cancer rates in the UK have risen dramatically in the last ten years, and it is now the fifth most common cancer in this country. Many, many cases could be avoided by being more careful about our sun exposure – and laying off the sun beds – yet many people are still confused about the dos and dont’s of sunbathing and how much protection is afforded by sunscreen.

To help you understand the jargon and make safe choices this summer, we thought we’d share with you beauty editor Sophie Qureshi’s Tan Commandments. Follow her expert advice, and thou shalt not burn…

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Thou shalt not kid thyself
‘That healthy tan you crave is a sign of DNA damage,’ says Sophie. ‘Your skin produces melanin as a defence mechanism to absorb the sun’s UV rays.’ She explains the difference between UVA (the ‘ageing’ UV) and UVB (the ‘burning’ UV) and why you need a broad spectrum sunscreen plus tips on what to look for on the label.

Thou shalt not be sticky
‘Beauty brands have been promising non-stick sunscreen for years, and they’ve finally cracked it.’ Hurrah! Sophie lists her top buys for dry-touch sunscreen, including brands for acne-prone teenagers (hint: try Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat SPF30). See Sophie’s picks.

Thou shalt not skimp
‘Studies have found that most of us apply only about half the amount of sunscreen needed to give us the protection promised on the bottle,’ explains Sophie. And yes, you do need to reapply every two hours and every time you swim. She also explains why last year’s sunscreen just won’t cut it on your next holiday.

Thou shalt eat watermelon
‘Eat foods that are rich in lycopene to bolster your skin’s natural defences. You’ll find lycopene in tomatoes, red peppers and watermelon.’

Thou shalt look fabulous
Sophie’s not just talking about avoiding wrinkles and sun spots. ‘The secret to getting an enviable glow lies in the new breed of tinted sunscreen/make up hybrids that perfect as well as protect, evening about your skin tone and giving you just enough coverage to look effortlessly polished’. Check out the full article for Sophie’s recommended products.

Thou shalt get him to spray too
‘For some reason, men seem to think sunscreen is just for girls.’ Sound familiar? Sophie explains which sunscreens are best for men who would rather avoid them.

Thou shalt not fry thy kids
‘If you’ve ever wondered whether you really need to buy a separate sunscreen for your kids or whether it’s just a cynical marketing ploy, the answer is probably a bit of both.’ Sophie outlines the difference between physical and chemical sunscreens and why physical filters are best for babies and young children.

Thou shalt not peel
‘To stop your tan flaking off before you’ve even boarded the plane home, apply after sun nightly.’ Sophie recommends her best buys for a long-lasting, glorious tan.

For more info on each of these Tan Commandments, including Sophie Qureshi’s best buys in all categories, visit the Family Traveller magazine website.

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