CoppaFeel! launches #whatnormalfeelslike campaign

CoppaFeel! #whatnormalfeelslike#whatnormalfeelslike is the new campaign from breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! that launches today. And it’s all about getting women talking about their breasts and getting to know ‘what’s normal for you’.

The charity has found that many women, even those who regularly check their breasts, have trouble describing what normal feels like. And those who aren’t checking their boobs too often describe them only in terms of size rather than feel. In fact, most of us check our weight more often than we check our boobs, which is what CoppaFeel! is hoping to change with ths new campaign.

To help kick start healthy conversations with women about their boobs, CoppaFeel! founder Kris Hallenga, who is living with stage four breast cancer following a diagnosis at the age of 23, took to the streets to talk to women and ask them to describe their boobs. She found that most described them only in terms of appearance, using words such as ‘small’, ‘big’, ‘perky’ or ‘saggy’.

‘#whatnormalfeelslike aims to change that,’ says Kris. ‘By challenging women to truly describe how their breasts look and feel beyond these limiting descriptions, CoppaFeel! aims to widen the nation’s vocabulary and make checking your breasts the norm. Your boobs are a part of you. You should know them inside out. How they feel, what they look like, what’s unique to each one.’

Watch Kris chatting about boobs.

Key an eye out at festivals and in your town centre this summer, as CoppaFeel! will be touring the country to support the #whatnormalfeelslike campaign and get the conversation started, and they want to know what normal feels like for you because ‘knowing your boobs could save your life’.

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