The perfect lingerie – as chosen by men and women

The perfect lingerie setMen like it sexy, women like it comfy says a new survey into the perfect lingerie from the perspective of the two sexes.

If your other half has ever bought you some ill-advised lingerie for Valentine’s Day, these latest survey results into men’s and women’s lingerie preferences are not going to surprise you. Apparently, 76% of women would rather their man stuck to chocolates or flowers for romantic gifts because the sexes’ ideas of the perfect lingerie are so divergent

Erotic chic lingerie brand Bluebella surveyed 1,000 men and women about what they like and don’t like about lingerie, and found that while men would like their other halves to show off more flesh with cut-outs and sexy legwear like stockings and suspenders, women (who actually have to wear the lingerie) are more interested in comfort. 64% of female respondents said it was their most important consideration.

So, can you guess which of the images above reflects men’s perfect lingerie set, and which represents women’s preferences?

Girls also favour more coverage, so while 37% of men chose the skimpiest underwear as their top choice, two thirds of women would rather wear a fuller coverage bra and brief.

There are colour differences as well, with men more likely to opt for bold, bright colours, and women choosing more practical, everyday shades, with 54% saying they stick to black, white and flesh tones.

Similarly, while men like lace and bows and embellishments such as sequins, women, for their everyday lingerie at least, like smooth bras and underwear that will work under most outfits.

So it’s not that surprising that Valentine’s lingerie gifts are often so badly matched (men, see our guide to buying beautiful lingerie your lady will love), and it seems men know this is often the case because 62% said they hate buying it. Most would prefer never to darken the door of a lingerie shop.

In even worse news for men, most women are not remotely interested in what their partners would like them to wear when buying new lingerie, thinking (quite rightly) about what they need in terms of comfort, fit and style – although 84% do own a special set of seduction lingerie.

On one thing only is there agreement between the sexes, and that’s matching underwear, or least some kind of coordination between bra and knickers. Which is interesting, as a survey we conducted last year revealed that only 20% of women actually match their underwear on a daily basis.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Bluebella founder Emily Bendall said: ‘It seems that men associate lingerie with the delights underneath so they like skimpy pieces, lace, sheer fabrics, plus obvious ties and bows that they can undo. Women wear it all the time so they want to combine comfort, adaptability and performance as well as fabulous aesthetics.

‘It’s interesting that 84% of women keep a set of lingerie for special occasions and nearly all of them feel more confident when they wear it. Great lingerie gives you an inner confidence at all times – not just in the bedroom but at work or at home, or when out with friends, whenever or wherever. So why not wear it all the time?’

What do you think? Do these findings fit with your idea of the perfect lingerie set?

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