Designers of the future – London College of Fashion

Earlier this month, the 2014 fashion contour and sportswear graduates from London College of Fashion put on a special exhibition to showcase their final collections. Here we bring you a few selected highlights from the exhibition, from modern minimalism to elaborate structural showpieces.

Tabitha Dukes

Tabitha Dukes LCF final collection

Tabitha Dukes’ final collection, Decimus, reflects her desire to push the boundaries of modern lingerie design with elaborate sculptural pieces. Her inspiration was the architecture of Victorian glasshouses and from this she has created multipurpose lingerie garments that can also be worn as outerwear, plus some basic pieces that can be mixed and matched with the sculptural elements.

Sophie Chessher

Sophie Chessher LCF final collection

Sophie Chessher is another LCF student embracing the underwear-as-outerwear aesthetic in her final collection. By moving away from classic lingerie fabrics to fabrics such as hand cut French corded lace, wool and leather, her range of unconventional designs crosses over from lingerie to outerwear. Her aim was to create dramatic yet contemporary looks through appliqué and strong structures in a colour palette of terracotta pink and black finished with hints of copper hardware.

Pippa Davidson

Pippa Davidson LCF final collection

Minimalism is the main theme behind Pippa Davidson’s graduate collection, inspired by the work of minimalist photographer Nicholas Alan Cope. Her shapes are clean and architectural with a soft edge that describes the modern woman, and there’s also a sustainability narrative running through the collection that urges consumers to learn to live with less and consume more responsibly.

Becky Olley

Becky Olley LCF final collection

Becky Olley is a designer with a passion for exploring new techniques and innovation in her chosen field and has focused on both the design and technical aspects of lingerie in her final collection. The result is a range of directional garments inspired by light and the way it has the power to both reveal and distort. The collection is refined and minimal in appearance and is made using non-traditional fabrics with interesting surface textures.

Natalie Bouloux

Natalie Bouloux Final Collection LCF

The graduate collection from Natalie Bouloux blurs the lines between lingerie, swimwear and womenswear following Natalie’s preference for experiemental design that challenges the conformities of the fashion industry. Through a mix of reconfigured fastenings, finishes and 3D effects she aims to push the boundaries of traditional contour design and adopt a modern approach to this discipline.

Katie Barker

Katie Barker LCF final collection

Katie Barker’s inspirations for her final sportswear collection come from streetwear, sports luxe and the masculine meets feminine aesthetic. Her theme was ‘taping’, which is both a visual and functional aspect of her designs to create a sportswear collection with a strong sense of identity that offers a new perspective on this area of the market.

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